USA Wine West is the premier provider of national wine import services in the United States. A fully licensed federal importer, USA Wine West works in partnership with the sales and marketing teams of foreign and domestic wineries to distribute wine to wholesalers in all 50 states. We work strategically with our portfolios to provide a cost-effective, integrated sales platform, along with an efficient logistical and compliance system designed to support foreign wineries in succeeding in this competitive market. Sales in the U.S. for our portfolios are now approaching $100 million a year, with close to one million cases of wine sold annually.

Our headquarters are in Sausalito, California, right across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco, where we manage import and distribution logistics, order processing and invoicing, and accounts receivable. Our second office in Portland, Maine, manages accounting, compliance, and sales and marketing assistance. With offices on both coasts, our staff can effectively communicate with nearly any time zone in the world.

We are also a wholesaler direct to retail and restaurant accounts within California, and we work closely with a partner wholesale company in New York to facilitate direct retail and restaurant sales opportunities in New York and New Jersey.

At USA Wine West, our team is your team. We combine extensive professional experience and connections with excellent customer service to support a focused and successful strategy for your brand. In a complex and competitive market, we tie it all together.