We all have our sacred, favorite food place that we keep in our personal vault; only sharing its existence with those you feel can truly appreciate all that makes it so special. Knowing that if word got out, it would change forever. USA Wine West is like one of those special secret gems to me. But, after ten years of working with this amazing team, I feel it's time to share my well-kept secret. For us wine people, we know how to make wine and know how to sell wine (at least we think we do). However, when it comes to label approvals, imports, permits in each state, compliance, regulations, customs, freight, warehouse and logistics, I'm leaving it all to the #1 company in the industry, USA WINE WEST. They are top - notch professionals, with deep industry savvy, diverse expertise, knowledge and experience. Let's keep this favorite, special gem to ourselves. We wouldn't want this secret to get into the wrong hands...

Yoav Gilat
Founder & CEO, Cannonball Wine Co.

There are companies out there who provide a similar mix of services to wineries and importers, but no one does it as well or as enthusiastically as USA WINE WEST. With USAWW, you don't just gain a service provider; you gain a partner in your business and a new set of friends. Every wine brand I've launched over the last decade I've done so through USA, and they have provided me with the critical legal, compliance, logistics, etc., support so that I could focus on selling and brand building. I don't believe that I would have accomplished nearly as much as I have in the wine business without them.

Charles Bieler
Three Thieves, Bieler Pere et Fils, Gotham Project, Charles & Charles

As a career wine professional and importer, I had reached a point where I needed a logistics partner to allow for a re-imagined, importing company to exist and compete in today’s marketplace. I have now worked with USAWW for eight years and from day one, their entire team has provided an unparalleled standard of professional service and excellence in every facet of the industry; logistics, compliance and legal. More than a service company, USAWW has become an indispensable partner in my business, an extended family and a valued group of friends whom I enthusiastically recommend both personally and professionally.

Martin Tiersky
Singular Selections

I have been working with USA Wine West’s team for more than seven years and they are great professionals. I recommended their services to many wineries and will continue to do it. They are open minded enough to hear what you have to say and open to discussion if you do not agree with such-or-such decision or organization details. Many companies are trying to offer the same services, but I really believe they are the best.

Thibault Poisson
U.S. Brand Manager, Chateau Moncontour

I just wanted to send you a quick note to compliment you on your team…the people you have us working with at USA Wine West. They are a pleasure to deal with and set the bar in terms of customer service and response time. Perhaps it’s my frustration with other vendors that prompted me to send this, but I know you usually only hear from people when they have complaints, so I wanted to make sure you heard it when they are worthy of praise.

President of large Wisconsin Wholesale Company