Federal & State Alcohol Compliance
The United States is the most complicated country in the world when it comes to the legal and regulatory issues surrounding the wine business. There are 50 states, plus the federal government — each with its own set of licenses, rules and procedures. Compliance issues can drastically slow sales and derail distribution programs if not handled properly. Accordingly, USA Wine West has channeled significant resources into its compliance department. We are knowledgeable, quick in turning around applications and paperwork, and thoughtful in the way we approach the compliance issues that will be faced.

We offer the full spectrum of compliance services, including:

  • Federal Certificates of Label Approval (COLAs)
  • State licensing and monthly tax and gallonage reports
  • State brand registrations
  • Appointment of state wholesalers
  • Permission letters for direct imports by state wholesalers
  • TTB sample waivers
  • State wholesale franchise issues
  • Trade name applications for integrated marketing strategies

Regulatory compliance is difficult, but we strive to make it understandable and to incorporate the process seamlessly into the distribution of wine, in a way that does not hold up or delay the sales and marketing program.

Accounts Payable
Our office manages accounts payable for foreign wineries with professionalism, transparency and ease. We track and pay all incoming bills — from ocean freight, Customs duties/taxes, and warehouse storage, to trucking, distributor bill backs, and sales commissions. We can prepare supplier payments promptly upon request in local or foreign currencies. We pride ourselves on being accurate, confidential, and flexible, tailoring our services to each individual portfolio. We are always available to discuss account expenditures and income, and can prepare supplier payments promptly upon request in local and foreign currencies.

Accounts Receivable
Our office works closely with wineries and their respective brand managers or brokers to monitor and regularly follow up with accounts to secure timely payment of invoices. Our state-of-the-art banking technology makes it possible for us to apply and deposit funds on a daily basis, generating accurate and up to date income reporting for portfolios.

Account Management & Reporting
By consulting closely with our portfolios over years, we have developed specialized software that not only enhances the efficiency of our operations, but also provides real-time access for our portfolios to all account information via our website. All details of distribution management are available 24/7 via a real-time link to our database. Portfolios see live inventory and pending sales, A/R, invoice detail reports, and have access to a fully functioning reporting system allowing up-to-the-minute data to be downloaded directly into spreadsheets or as static reports. Winery managers and sales representatives have full access to the information they need, when they need it.