Wine Ratings & Reviews – Media Sample Program

USA Wine West provides a direct connection with most of the major wine magazines, wine blogs, and wine newsletter writers who regularly review and rate wines. We have a saying: “No Parker = No Love,” which really means that wineries need to have reviews and scores from the major U.S. publications in order to give their wholesalers and retailers the tools needed to encourage consumers to buy their wines.

You can do that easily and economically by using our in-house program to send samples to media sources such as The Wine Spectator, The Wine Advocate, Stephen Tanzer, Dr. Vino, and many more. Our in-house marketing assistant handles the paperwork, maintains relationships with the reviewing staff at the magazines and blogs, and will get your wines to the reviewers you want to reach in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) submissions

As a vendor to the PLCB, we work closely with their key staff to arrange sales meetings, get samples to the appropriate buyers, and coordinate logistics, opening the door for our portfolios to work directly with this key U.S. retailer at the best possible price point.

General Wholesale Contacts and Referrals

USA Wine West is widely considered to be a good supplier partner to thousands of state wholesalers throughout the U.S. Our logistical efficiencies, accurate bill paying systems, and timely responses to issues have enabled our portfolios to get referrals to state wholesalers, as well as giving them confidence that they are going into meetings backed by a strong and respected supplier.